Morningstar Glass Guitars©. 2019

Wow! but... How?

Combining Two Trades

Glass work and guitar making. Two skills fading away in the modern age of machine/mass production. By merging these two together I have developed a process to build guitars out of glass. I don't use kilns or torches in my work. A quality Toyo glass cutter and a variety of abrasive bits, belts, and blades are the tools that enable me to turn glass into guitars. 

(An early prototype)

Quality Control 

I use factory produced annealed float glass for the production of my guitars. The glass I use is engineered for use in the production of glass windows, frameless displays and other glass furniture. It undergoes a precise quality controlled heating and cooling process that adds strength to the glass. By not reheating and melting the glass during the production of my guitars, the strength of the glass is not compromised. Ensuring maximum durability in the final product. 

(standing on a glass guitar neck)


You can read about and watch videos on how to build guitars. The same is true with glass. However, there are no guides for building glass guitars. I see glass as a material that can be sculpted and shaped just like wood. The tools are slightly different, or just modified to work with glass(you should see my fretboard radius jig) but the principles are the same. With only a few basic tools I have succeeded in creating glass guitars with fully profiled necks and radiused fretboards. I started building glass guitars because I wanted a glass guitar! I couldn't buy one(nobody made them) so I started building them myself. 

(My first glass guitar)

Still Not Convinced a Guitar Can Be Made of Glass?

Glass is ancient technology. We encounter and interact with it everyday without much thought. Think about the air pressure and vibration auto glass has to withstand. The constant abuse storefront doors handle opening and closing all day. Glass is used in numerous applications such as furniture and skyscraper windows. Glass when worked properly, can not only be transformed into beautiful instruments, but also those that can stand the test of time.