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  • Alex Morningstar

Certificates of Authenticity

Moving forward all guitars that are sent out will have unique serial numbers etched in glass under their control plates. The serial numbers are not visible unless the control plate is removed(they will be visible from the back on clear back guitars) Additionally, each guitar will have a certificate of authenticity containing the model, serial number, and my personal signature.

While I have always thought and still find it unlikely to have imitations of my guitars surface in the future, it's not impossible I suppose. I've always kept a silly little saying in the back of my head. “If it's a glass guitar, it's a Morningstar” Imitators can try but making glass guitars is no easy task.

With that being said, it is due to client requests and their feedback that has prompted me to create a system to authenticate my guitars. It has been a humbling experience to have multiple clients ask me to etch my personal signature directly on their guitar. A Morningstar Glass Guitar is a beautiful oddity that few will have the privilege to posses. So while Morningstar Glass Guitars may be fairly new on the scene, the feedback and requests I've received signify that Morningstar Glass Guitars will become a legacy. I am grateful that I get to do what I love and appreciate past clients for allowing me to build them one of a kind guitars. I look forward the possibility of doing the same for those reading this now.


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