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  • Alex Morningstar

Past, Present, Future

I think it’s necessary to write a little bit here in order for people to get to know me a little more. It’s difficult to decide on what I want to say and what might be better left unsaid. Also I have a tendency to ramble so I’ll try to keep that to a minimum. What I’d like to focus on is where I’ve been, where I am currently, and where I’m going. If you're reading this you may have come from watching one of my Youtube videos. The first and most popular video I put out of me building one of my guitars could have been better. First impressions are important. I had never made a Youtube video before and there were some wonky camera angles and the voiceover comes off a bit dry. It's more difficult than it may seem to deliver lines with the right tone of voice clearly and without fumbling over the words. I just wanted to put something out to get my guitars some attention. Even though I thought the video could have been better at the time putting something out was better than nothing. I often think it might be best to take the video down. However, since it’s my most popular video and a means of driving people to my website I am conflicted about taking it down. Building glass guitars is my livelihood now so I wonder if that early video might turn people away. On the other hand it does show a little history of where I was and my humble beginnings. So I suppose I should keep the video up.

The quality of my guitars has greatly improved and I have more resources since making that first video. I now have a dedicated shop to work in. A bit modest in size but it's more than enough compared to when I first started. Morningstar Glass Guitars is run by me and only me. It’s not a large operation and I don’t have a huge shop with high tech fancy equipment. What I have now however is plenty. I don’t see my guitars growing into a large operation. At least not for some time if I even decide to go that route. The fact that I do everything by hand is something I greatly appreciate about my guitars. Each guitar comes out in some way unique. Building a single guitar can take an entire month. I am working on having more custom options to choose from. I'm in the process of creating/sketching out new concepts and designs. So those interested in something even more unique than my standard options can have a one of a kind glass guitar. With new hardware coming out all the time limitless possibilities arise.

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